9 Benefits of Handmade Furniture

When you’re shopping for furniture,

it can be difficult to decide whether to buy something that’s handcrafted or mass-produced.

While many mass-produced pieces are lower in price, handcrafted furniture is often higher quality and better suited to your unique tastes and needs. Here are nine benefits of choosing handcrafted furniture over factory-made furniture whenever possible.

Handcrafted Coffee Table

1) Quality and Craftsmanship

A handcrafted piece of furniture is just that: an individually made, one-of-kind item just like this gorgeous custom coffee table. Quality craftsmanship is what separates a handcrafted piece from a mass-produced readymade product. It’s not only about how well something is built—it’s also about how it was constructed. With each unique piece, every part comes together flawlessly to form an object that lasts for years to come. It takes care and concentration to make something like that; a quality handmade piece requires more effort than its machine-built counterpart. The extra effort is worth it: when you pick up a handcrafted bookcase or desk, you know you’re holding onto quality.

2) Satisfaction

Having a piece of furniture made by hand, such as this walnut trestle table, is an investment in your satisfaction. If you are more invested in a piece, you are more likely to appreciate it and take care of it. And if you think about how much time and effort went into creating your furniture, then you will also have a greater appreciation for all that went into it. By investing yourself in each piece that is created, your satisfaction levels will increase dramatically. Imagine coming home to a handmade chair after a long day at work and sinking down onto soft cushions; now you’re relaxing!
As makers ourselves, we understand what our customers want because we ask them!
Are you tired of boring furniture that only looks good when perfectly placed in its environment? In interior design, context is everything- but we know there isn’t always room for our creations.

3) Style

Nothing beats handcrafted furniture when it comes to style and individuality like this custom blanket chest. Unlike mass-produced furniture, each piece is unique and has its own character. Handcrafted furniture doesn’t feel cookie cutter, making them a great choice for eclectic homes and individual tastes. Of course, style isn’t everything when choosing your next piece of handcrafted furniture – but it certainly doesn’t hurt! Choosing one-of-a-kind furniture also gives an amazing designer flair to any space. Some may even argue that buying local art or furniture is better than going out on an expensive shopping spree! If you still aren’t convinced about going with handcrafted furniture for your home, here are some more ways why we love it.

Hand Crafted Hall Tree

4) Inspiration

A handcrafted piece is unique in every way just like this one of a kind Hall Tree. No one else in your neighborhood will have a dining room table like yours. Not only are custom pieces works of art in and of themselves; they’re also a tangible reminder that there’s always something new to discover, which—on a practical level—means you can find pieces whose style matches or complements existing decor without being an exact match. That means it won’t cost you tons to redecorate if you ever decide your living room needs a change (and we all know how hard it is for some people to make those kinds of changes). Even better: You won’t be likely to get bored with your design options in future years because it looks exactly like everything else out there. If you live in a major city and frequent high-end furniture stores, chances are high that you already know firsthand just how pricey standard items can be. Not only do designer pieces often come with major price tags but they may not fit into your home's existing decor -- meaning even more money spent on decorating alterations down the road.

Hand crafted farmhouse dining table

5) Eco-Friendly

Although wood is natural, it’s usually treated with chemicals and preservatives that can be toxic, unlike this custom handcrafted farmhouse dining set. And some of those chemicals are then ingested by you or your children when you touch a surface—and then lick your fingers! Investing in a handcrafted piece means never having to worry about harmful chemicals again. Plus, most furniture made from sustainably harvested wood will last for decades if properly maintained. When using materials that break down over time, there’s no difference between used and old—there’s only old. Plus, many types of furniture made from cheap composite materials contain PVC plastic (the chemical commonly found in shower curtains) which contains endocrine-disrupting phthalates.

Hand crafted hall table or console table

6) Authenticity

By definition, handmade items are more authentic and truly embody their creator’s identity especially this custom console table. A made-by-hand item is more likely to have a unique quality that reflects its maker’s personality and background. No two handmade items will be exactly alike, making each one a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, rather than a cookie cutter version of another piece. What makes something handmade? It isn’t merely about how it was produced; any product you see in stores (or in someone else’s home) can be considered handmade if there was some sort of human intervention during production. Instead, it is defined by emotional engagement: A true handcrafted object comes from an artist who puts his or her own special touch on every aspect, down to picking out certain materials.

Hand Crafted Trestle Table

7) Customization

When you purchase handmade furniture, like this 8 foot custom dining table, you’re getting something that’s created exclusively for you. No one else in your area will have exactly what you have; even if a similar piece is sold in stores, it won’t be identical to yours (if it was ever made at all). This makes your home unique and distinguishes it from others who may live nearby or who may have items in common with yours. It’s a wonderful feeling to know your house stands out from others—and it can make your home much more interesting to visit when people are checking out your decor. The beauty of one-of-a-kind furniture is part of its value.

Hand Crafted Kids Bed

8) Personalization

The best part about handcrafted furniture is that every piece is unique, which makes it a great way to personalize your space like this custom made kids day bed. You can choose from an array of colors and styles to create a look you can call your own. Also, because each piece is hand-crafted and assembled in your home or office by expert craftsmen, you don’t have to worry about any pesky production defects. These masterpieces are top quality and built to last for generations. Plus, if you run into issues with some pieces not fitting together exactly right, most craftspeople will happily come back and fix anything free of charge. Knowing they work closely with clients brings them pride and joy—they love helping people turn ideas into reality.

Hand Crafted Trestle Table

9) Creativity

Because each piece is crafted by hand, like this beautiful trestle table, there’s more opportunity for you to pick something that really reflects your personality and style. You can even customize your furniture to reflect your favorite colors or even go with a design theme that’s meaningful to you. Since pieces are made individually, you don’t have to worry about consistency either. Your bookcase can look completely different from your dining room table without a problem.

Hand Crafted Blanket chest
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