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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Custom Furniture expensive?

Due to unique designs, details, and meticulous building process that is involved in ensuring a piece meets all of a clients specification's custom furniture generally will cost more than mass produced manufactured furniture.

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Is Custom Furniture Worth is?

If a timeless style is chosen for your piece the extra cost of custom is likely a much better value than mass manufactured furniture. If you ever feel your style has changed a well built piece of furniture can likely be refinished several times throughout its life. Often times it can be redone completely by you giving you a brand new piece that is as stable and structurally sound as the day it was delivered to your home. 

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Do we deliver?

Yes, While we do not ship our custom made furniture yet we are able to deliver them ourselves as long as it is not to far from our shop. There will be a fee for this service and often times we will need some help from someone at the clients property.