3 Considerations when searching for wood Candlesticks.

Hand turned wooden candlesticks
Wooden candlesticks are available in many different shapes and styles, with many different features that make them unique. When you’re selecting the right wooden candlestick, the right look isn’t always the only thing you should consider. Although they don’t have to match your décor in order to match your candles, they do need to at least be able to hold your candles securely and safely.

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1) Is a candlestick the candle or the holder?

While candles are generally made of wax, different materials are used to create candleholders. There are plastic, metal and wooden candlesticks. For example, some people like wooden candlesticks because they tend to be reusable while providing elegance to any room in your home or office. You can also opt for fancy holders like glass or crystal options that feature intricate designs and artistic styles. Each style has its pros and cons but if you’re looking for something truly unique, wood candlesticks could be right for you. It's essentially just a holder; it doesn't matter what material it is made from. If it holds a candle, then it's a candlestick. The earliest forms were designed during ancient Roman times when tallow candles were common. The invention of stearin, which was better suited for making molded candles than tallow, led to their eventual replacement by paraffin-based wax candles around 1850.
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2) What are candlesticks made of?

Candleholders, candelabras, or candlesticks are used to hold candles. These come in many different shapes and materials. They can also be described as candelabra. Metal candlesticks are available in brass, silver and other metals (often found in antique stores). Glass ornaments can be turned into candleholders by placing a candle inside them; but beware - glass blunts heat! It is not advisable to put your hand over one for very long. You can also find them made in the USA in today's time; they're a great choice, such as Clines Crafted Woodworking's Candlestick collection, made in Kentucky. Wooden candlesticks are often made of oak, maple, cherry wood, walnut or mahogany. A wooden candlestick may be carved out of a single piece of wood or multiple pieces that fit together like puzzle pieces. Wooden candle holders can be painted or stained in any color you desire and some wooden ones even have metal accents to make them look more attractive. Some people like to use simple wooden candle holders on their kitchen countertops while others prefer more ornate ones that have intricate carvings on them.

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3) Are wooden candle holders safe?

If you’re worried about safety, stop worrying. Wood candle holders are typically manufactured in a way that make them very stable. In order to get from plank to product, wood must first be dried and milled. Since wood is natural, each piece is unique—no two wood candle holders will ever be identical (though many come very close). And just like any other candle holder on your shelf, wooden ones require great care and consideration during their lifetime (for example: be sure they're never exposed to extreme heat or flames). But if you treat your wooden candlestick as you would any other candle holder—or any table item for that matter—you shouldn't have any concerns. Some of the finishes and paints we use here at Clines Crafted Woodworking LLC offer fire resistant properties as well. So while it's not necessary to put wood candle holders away when you leave your home, we certainly recommend taking steps to ensure they don't catch fire when unattended.
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And remember, there's nothing more elegant than candlelight! Use these tips to safely make a statement with wooden candlesticks and give your next dinner party some extra flair. Or try using one as an alternative centerpiece for large gatherings or weddings—your guests will love it! Clines Crafted Woodworking LLC is here to answer any of your additional Candlestick related questions. We wish you the best in your search! Please, don't hesitate contact us for help.

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