3 Must-Have Features for Quality Wood Monogram Door Hangers

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Monogram door hangers are fun and easy ways to personalize your home,

especially if you’re planning on hosting an event or keeping your new home fresh. However, the quality of these keepsakes varies widely—from cheap plastic hangers to gorgeous pieces of art—and it’s important to know how to choose the best ones from the get-go, so you don’t waste money and time later down the line! Here are 3 must-have features of quality wood monogram door hangers that make them stand out among their less impressive counterparts.

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How thick should a monogram door hanger be?

When searching for a quality wood monogram door hanger, make sure it is at least one half inch thick. This ensures that your monogram door hanger will be sturdy and durable enough to hold up under normal wear and tear. A thin wooden monogram door hanger may look nice when you first buy it, but over time it is likely to warp or break. It's easy to accidentally knock your door hanger off its hanger, and the consequences can be dire with the thinner models. Trust us! Choose a thickness of 1/2 inch or more and you will be glad you did!

What paint or stain to use on a monogram door hanger?

Some wood monogram door hangers don’t come pre-stained or painted, so it’s important to take into account that finishing is something you’ll need to handle yourself if you choose this option. In order to provide a high quality product, you’ll want to use high quality stains and paints – Ecos brand paints is a great option for this! Doing so will ensure that your door hanger will last for years instead of months or (heaven forbid) days. Choose a finish that complements your décor and make sure you apply an even coat. If your buying one pre finished then its important to research the maker or manufacturer and see if they are about mass production or quality work. This is normally a good indication of the quality of finish your door hanger will have. The materials used to finish your wreath should be resistant to heat, moisture, cold, sun and other elements. To help prevent fading over time, consider adding a high quality water based clear coat, such as Minwax Polycrylic, when you get it and then once a year. Minwax polycrylic can be purchased at most big box stores in a spray can making this step easy!

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Wood VS MDF VS metal for a monogram door hanger.

A monogram door hanger needs to be durable so it can last a long time. Be sure that any wood monogram door hanger you choose will stand up against weather and last long enough so you can get your money’s worth out of it. Check customer reviews or ask an employee at a store if you aren’t sure about how long a certain product will stand up to wear and tear. If possible, purchase one made from wood instead of a cheaper alternative like plastic or MDF. Although they might not last as long as metal monogram door hangers, they should still be relatively sturdy and will look more attractive than cheap plastic ones in most neighborhoods. A wood door wreath 1/2" thick is often better quality than MDF. This means that when you mount it on your front door, you won’t have to worry about it warping over time. Even though there are other materials besides wood available, such as metal, they can be heavy and even dangerous if they are accidently knocked off. For example, many people prefer wood because it is lightweight and less likely to damage your door or wall when you hang it. In addition, mounting hardware for metal monogram door hangers may scratch your walls or leave marks on your doors.

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Our monogram door hanger collection.

Each of these three factors is what matters most when purchasing a wooden monogram door hanger. All of these things are factors that we considered when we make the monogram door wreaths and hangers that we sell at our small business in central Kentucky. We've found that these hangers work the best and we have put lots of thought into them. Also, we use high quality paints. Another thing to know is that we offer free shipping at the moment. Please take a look at our collection of monogrammed door hangers! We carry Snowflake monogram door hangers in 20 inch and a huge 30 inch option, a standard monogram door hanger with letter and last name, and even an Easter themed welcome door hanger. I hope that my recommendations will help you find great quality product for your home. Happy searching!

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