Timeless Farmhouse Charm: Explore Our Dining Chairs

To be purchased with one of our dining tables.

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Clines Crafted Woodworking LLC

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100% Natural Materials

Will be finished to match your dining table.

These Chairs are NOT made by us. They are purchased unfinished then finished to match your table. These are only intended as an option to be purchased with our painted tables. Price includes finish to match table purchase.


Due to difference in material it is impossible to get a color match between these chairs and our table tops. We will get the seat as close to matching as possible but will not guarantee a perfect match.

For this reason we do not offer these as an addition to a completely stained table as the color difference would be to apparent.

Note: Shipping is unavailable for this item at this time. Please check back at a later time if shipping is needed.

If a custom color (other than white) paint for your table base is desired we can do that too!!

Note: If a custom color is not desired our house color is Bistro White #7006-4

Not sure what color you want? Try the link below.

Ecos Paints non toxic paint Colors

Cant find the right color in the link? That's alright! As an alternative option you can also pick your color out at Lowes and provide us with the name and number.

Stain Color Options can be found using the links below.

Rubio Monocoat Precolor

Rubio Monocoat 2C oil

All pieces must have a 2c Oil applied. This is the protective coat and comes in different shades.

Pre Color is an additional dye only step to achieve a desired color but is not required.

Colors of each product can be combined.

We encourage our clients to research Rubio Monocoat social media pages to help make their decision on color. With the ability to combine the Pre color with the 2C oil there is an endless possibilities.

Colors are for reference only and are not binding. Real wood will very from tree to tree and may therefore very in features, grain, and color.

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Care Instructions

Disclaimer: Clines Crafted Woodworking LLC accepts no liability whatsoever for the safety of any of our companies' products. All risk including damage to property or harm to person or persons is accepted by the purchaser. 

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