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Create Lasting Memories with Customizable Toy Chests

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Organize Your Child's Playroom with Handmade Toy Chests

Discover the Perfect Toy Chest for Your Little Ones - Handcrafted with Care and Attention to Detail

Introducing our beautifully handcrafted Toy Chest, meticulously made in our Georgetown, KY workshop. Designed to bring joy and organization to your child's playroom or bedroom, each Toy Chest is crafted with utmost precision and care, ensuring a delightful combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Our Toy Chests feature the same timeless and simple design as our Blanket Chests, perfectly suited for any space. From its sturdy mortise and tenon construction to the reliable full-length piano hinge, each chest is built to withstand the test of time, providing lasting durability for your child's growing collection of toys.

With a cedar-lined bottom, our Toy Chests not only offer a visually appealing interior but also provide protection against moisture and pests, keeping your little one's toys safe and clean. For added convenience, we offer a soft-close lid option, ensuring a smooth and quiet closing experience.

What truly sets our Toy Chests apart is the ability to customize them according to your preferences. Whether you desire a different size, color, or even custom engravings, our team of skilled artisans will work closely with you to create a unique piece that complements your child's space.

Our Toy Chests are not just ordinary storage solutions - they become cherished heirlooms and treasured memories. Start a new tradition by gifting these handcrafted, personalized pieces to your loved ones, creating lasting memories that will be passed down from one generation to the next.

Each Toy Chest is individually handmade, making it a truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind piece. Bring joy, organization, and a touch of artisanal craftsmanship to your child's life with our customizable Toy Chests. Order yours today and create a delightful storage solution that will grow alongside your child's imagination."


Standard Size: 28" L X 18 W X 19.75 T

Production time: 2 Weeks
Now offering free small laser engraving in underside of lid for personalization.
Personalization on blanket chest lid will be viewable with lid open. Underside of lid.
We also offer laser engraving on the top of your lid up to 11" X 16", including a personal photo, for a small fee.
Contact us at 502-735-9761 to discuss personalization.
If a custom color (other than white) paint for your blanket chest is desired we can do that too!!

Paint options include all colors within the Sherwin Williams Brand and even some other brands as well.

Note: If a custom color is not desired our house color is Bistro White #7006-4

Not sure what color you want? Try the link below.

For Stained lid color options:

Stain Color
If no stain color is desired please input "natural" into window. This will be the same great finish and protection in clear.
Colors are for reference only and are not binding. Real wood will very from tree to tree and may therefore very in features, grain, and color.
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✔ Pickup available at 123 river run ct.
Georgetown Ky, 40324


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-28" L X 18 W X 19.75 T

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