5 reasons to buy our Handmade Furniture

Handmade Walnut Trestle table by Clines Crafted Woodworking LLC in Georgetown Kentucky

A lot of the wood products you find at stores have toxic finishes.

These can be harmful to the health of your family and the environment around you.

Toxic finishes, like paint and clear coat, may make furniture look good, but they don’t last. In fact, most paint doesn’t even have to be exposed to moisture in order to start peeling off! At Clines Crafted Woodworking, we understand that safe finishes mean healthy families.

If you’re reading this, chances are you have some misgivings about what it means to use products made from raw materials like wood. We want to reassure you that we’re committed to providing safe, handmade furniture without any toxic additives or finishes—because it’s important to us that your family can be around our products as much as possible.

How is Clines Crafted Woodworking Furniture different?

Our furniture is hand crafted from only fine quality wood. All of our products are finished with a non-toxic finish or paint. No matter what you’re looking for, we have you covered! We custom make everything to fit your needs whether it be for a Dining or Bed Room; big or small! Let us know what you need and we will work with you until it fits just right. We hope to provide the best service at a fair price while making sure every customer is happy at every step in the process.

Why do we do this?

With real-world experience of working in both a factory and with local crafts people, I can tell you from experience that many furniture companies do not take their quality as seriously as they should. At Clines Crafted Woodworking, we not only make sure our products are sturdy, we also make sure to finish them with the safest finishes. We go out of our way to ensure your family will be healthy by using only nontoxic finishing products.

Why buy from Clines Crafted Woodworking LLC?

Clines Crafted Woodworking cares about handmade wood products, they are our first love.

We work hard to ensure that every product we deliver to you, our customer, is safe for your home and family. As parents of young children, safety was a huge concern when deciding what kind of furniture we were going to put in our house. That is why we went out of our way to make sure that all of our products are treated with quality stains, finishes, and paints.

We adhere to a particular set of standards when crafting our furniture and wood products.

For example, every piece must pass through a rigorous testing phase that ensures it’s structurally sound, won’t warp or splinter with exposure to humidity, isn’t contaminated with dangerous materials and won’t cause illness or injury. We also use only non-toxic finishes so you don’t have to worry about your family being exposed to hazardous chemicals.

The products we sell are all safe.

Our materials are 100% hand picked, sourced and inspected by us. We want to make sure your finished product will not only be safe for use but also a quality product you can cherish for years to come. We know sometimes buying furniture can be an investment as well as a headache if you don’t find something that suits your style. One of our main goals here at Clines Crafted Woodworking is to help ease some of those stresses. This means providing you with a superior quality product that lasts many years so you never have worry about paint chipping or wood rotting. We would love the opportunity to work with you for any of your wood product needs. Lets talk, Contact us today!

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